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Steps to create your first module in Odoo. First you need to set up an odoo development environment, for this we will suggest you to use Pycharm IDE. Its free version and you can download and configure it:

Once the development environment is set, you have to configure the custom addons path. Newly creating modules will be placed inside the custom addons.

Topics Covered:
1. Creating First Module
2. Creating Different Views: Form, Tree, Graph, Pivot, Kanban, Calander, Timeline etc
3. Creating Different Actions
4. Creating Menu, Wizard
5. Creating and customizing PDF and Excel Reports
6. Odoo Security Mechanism
7. Customizing Website and Portal
8. Button Types
9. Work Flows.
10. Odoo Webservice
11. Odoo Mobile app development
12. Odoo Debugging
13. Git Commands
14. Odoo JS introduction

Patiently complete all the videos, we assure you that, you will be expert in odoo coding once you finish this. Rate us by check the honest comments under each video :) Feel free to comment and like, if the videos are helpful.

NB: In the initial videos we are little fast in the voice, we have improved it in the coming videos as per the feedback's/comments that we have received :)

During videos, face any issues or doubts ? Ping us in email or social media accounts, happy to clarify and help you freely.

Is this same for Odoo 13 and Odoo 14 ? Yes, you can follow the same in odoo13 and odoo14, even in the upcoming Odoo 15 too. Only small and slight difference. Still we have playlist for all the version.

Odoo 12:

Odoo 13:

Odoo 14:

Full Playlists:

Download the E-learning Module :

Github Repository:

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Adding Custom Addons Path:
Configure Odoo with Pycharm:

1. Defining New model:

2. Menu and Action:

3. Defining Tree and Form View:

4. Access Rights:

5. Record Rules:

6. Button and Workflow:

7. Sequence:

8. Adding Chatter to View:

9. Inherit and Add Field:

10. Create PDF Report:

11. Create Excel Report:

12. Email Template:

13. Wizard:

14.One2many Field:

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